Project Anim' (august 2016) "Anim"'s goal is to develop educational projects with children and teenagers aged from 6 to 15 years old. With playful activities, we're aiming to improve their knowledge and their use of the french language and culture. In August 2016, four volunteers participated to the project Anim' in the town of Tioughza. For a month, they organized these activities for thirty children. The volunteers also discovered the Amazigh culture in immersion with the local inhabitants.
Project TEFA (août 2016) The project TEFA aims to create a cultural and linguistic exchange between the foreign volunteers and local students. In August 2016, four European volunteers took part in that project. In the morning, they were learning Arabic with a Moroccan volunteer; in the afternoon, they offered classes (or debates) in French and English to a dozen students living in Tioughza. The whole group organized sport activities, hiking and afternoon teas.