Tamazight Culture

The word « amazigh » refers to the language, the land and the people who lived originally in Northern Africa. It means « Free People ». Amazigh are also often called « berbers ». Their land included once Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, western Egypt, Mauritania and Northern Mali. On such a vast land, the peoples calling themselves « Amazigh » were numerous, and their cultures were various. After many invasions in Northern Africa, the amazigh land was transformed : came a new religion, a new culture and a new language which merged with the original ones. 20th Century European colonization also played an important role into the regress and the stigmatization of the amazigh culture. Today, the Amazigh people claim their origins and their language, and defend the right to share and teach them.


Tamazight music and dances



Argan oil and henna


Sidi Ifni